The customer is always right or is he? Whenever you come across a business owner or a corporate professional, he sure will say that this statement is true and believable.

Actually, it isn’t applicable in every situation and a lot of times businesses and professionals should agree with this. This notion has been shoved down our throats and it should be contemplated before being believed on. Business cannot be run on ideals and assumptions; it needs assessment and contemplation to get the best results. Apart from this, to make a difference you need to be different. So, following everything and anything blindly is surely not a great idea.

If you work in the customer care service industry, you may be a part of the blindfolded masquerade of this erroneous notion. However, you have a choice to opt out and there is a possibility to be better off without this notion. The solution is to tell the consumer when he is wrong; yes, you can and should do this but the challenge is how? As you know the customer is important for the business and your profits depend on him. You cannot be outright rude to him and tell him that he is an inconvenience. This is the reason why call center service agents often end up silently hearing the rant of a bully. Experts will disagree with the fact that consumers can be a bully but they actually are and a lot of times the target is an innocent representative. This shouldn’t happen frequently in a workplace because it is a demoralizing and insulting behavior, which none of your employees deserve.

Tackle The Issue

When an agent faces a similar situation, he should immediately inform his seniors in order to get a levelheaded solution. In fact, team leaders and managers should deal with such customers and should politely tell them that they are wrong. Yes, even the subordinates can say the same but they will not have the impact a senior can have. Firstly, managers and team leads have a lot of experience in dealing with such situations; so, they will be able to convince the agitated consumer. Apart from this, when the customer will interact with someone who holds authority, he will try to improve his tone and the conversation might result in a settlement. In any and every way disagreement is essential when something is evidently wrong; turning a blind eye would be of no use in such situations.

Your Employees Matter

Disagreeing with the consumer is a great way to portray how you can take a stand for justice. This will boost positivity in your workplace and a good example will be set for your employees. Customers hold a lot of importance to your business but so do your employees. Can your business function for even a day without them? Of course, not! They are a crucial element for the success of your organization. So, making them go through the torture of handling annoying customers is not recommended at all. They are the foundation of your business and they deserve to be heard and treated well.