As a business owner you are fully aware of the benefits that shrink film has to offer. Rolls of the stuff in different specifications from PVC Shrink Film, Polythene Shrink film and Polyolefin Shrink film is used on millions upon millions of products worldwide. While our company deals with both small and large line packing operations. Supplying shrink wrap film for shrink wrapping machines up and down the country and Europe wide, we thought we’d take a look at the great many situations in which shrink wrapping has become common place.

But did you know there is also a much tougher film that isn’t of the Centre folded 15 microns and 28-microns variety? These are termed construction grade, marine grade and professional grade shrink film. This is used to wrap scaffold towers, offer building site containment and wrap entire buildings as well as boats, transporters and even army helicopters.

It is incredible to think that almost every industry on the face of the planet can make use of this to either deliver, conceal or protect their products and services. It is also good to know, that the majority of new products such as Polyolefin film are 100% recyclable. So you no longer have to consider the effects on your company’s carbon footprint when it comes to shrink film packaging which is usually discarded at point of delivery or usage.

There are of course a variety of different materials that can be used to deliver products and there is no sole reason for choosing machines over another method. That’s to say, there’s usually multiple reasons. Let’s look at a few of the many trades and instances where they deliver above and beyond the call of duty.

Speed of Operations: The phrase “you’re only as fast as your slowest team member” rings true when it comes to manufacturing and distribution. If you are able to bottle beer at the rate of 20 bottles a second and the manual labour can only package and dispatch 10 bottles a second, your company is losing money. Shrink wrapping can match and exceed your production targets.

Driving Down Costs: The investment in a machine may well be costly at the first turn. Though with finance that is a more manageable aspect. Case studies overwhelming show that a machine and system can not only outperform manual labour but save a significant percentage in expenditure when compared against employee benefits, wages and irregular work efforts. A machine may need maintenance but it doesn’t need lunch or holiday time.

Security & Confidence: A buyer for a retailer will always look to purchase the lowest costed product for maximum profitability. However, they also consider the opinion of their customers. If a product is sealed and unopened, a customer has confidence in the product they are buying, this is just as important as a penny profit.

Safety & Containment: Many food distributors and those working in the cosmetics and drinks industry are required to ensure their product is safe. If it is a consumable, then tamper proof packaging and seals offer containment from alien substances and ensure safe delivery and easier inspection. You can shrink seals, keep food fresher and ensure perfumes and deodorants are not expended before final sale.

The world of shrink wrap machines is an ever expanding utility that serves an ever increasing trade product base. The fact shrink film is now 100% recyclable will only go on to promote the use of shrink film packaging further. If you need a packaging solution that seals, secures, protects, contains, offers confidence, safety and lowers business costs and heightens production then there really is only one solution.

Yes, shrink-wrapping machines and recyclable shrink films!