To gauge business success, it is important to know some of the indicators in order to sustain business operations. The consistent growth of successful business campaigns and executions directly impacts the economy. This is why global business transactions are imperial in the business industry. Every business owner has become overly competitive and virtually every business organization aims to extend its operational reach across every region.

How does trade export finance can affect your business? Basically, trade export finance is a risk reduction solution that both parties (seller and buyer) in an international trade transaction agree upon. Banks, financial institutions, and other intermediaries facilitate such a transaction by financing the trade. The typical scenario here is that sellers require the purchaser or importer to pay for goods shipped in advance. Meanwhile, in order to protect their interest from the common risks of an international transaction, the buyers or importers demand that exporters or sellers document the products shipped. For both requirements to be covered effectively, a bank (or some other intermediary) provides assistance.

The bank working with the importer may present a letter of credit (this is a promise or guarantee given by the bank on behalf of the importer to the exporter) to the exporter or the exporter’s bank providing for payment once certain documents, such as bill of lading, are provided. From the side of the exporter, his bank may advance funds to the exporter based on the export contract. In addition to the documents and loans, also included in the execution of this special arrangement are new information and communication technologies. These elements further diminish the risks of advance payment given to the exporter, while also protecting the importer’s financial pool and records. Also, due to the increased efficacy that advanced technologies provide, trade export finance can be carried out now with more flexible conditions.

The protection of the transaction is imperative in maintaining good business relations and taking these relations to higher levels of trust that will benefit both parties. Solid, trustworthy relations are everything in the world of business – there can be no advancement if relations are not created and protected.

Therefore, a world-class intermediary (one that is consistently abreast with industry changes or developments and has solid experience in the role) is necessary. Be meticulous in selecting a bank that can assist you in this financing arrangement; if you find a good bank, you will get not only assistance, but also the assurance of the smoothest execution of trade export finance.