The subject of golf is a marmite one: you either love it or hate it! Despite the cynics in the audience. I would like to purport that branded golf items can prove very popular promotional gift ideas.

Famously, you hear of big businessmen securing multi million deals over a game of golf in the Bahamas. It does not have to be as extreme as that though! You can be a local entrepreneur who likes the odd round of golf every Sunday morning. Why not take your customized golf balls and head covers with you, providing an excellent opportunity to talk about your business to other golfers? The possibilities are endless. Firstly, taking your brand with you around the golf course is innovative and shows you are proud of your corporate message. If you have faith in your business, chances are everyone else will follow suit.

Promoting your services around the golf course shows that you are not a stuffy business that cannot work outside the office. It illustrates your relevance in the wider context and promotes the message that your business should be considered in leisure time as well as company time.

For all you golf lovers out there, you will know that it takes the best part of an afternoon to complete a round of golf. Therefore, if your brand is coming round the course with you, its exposure will be large. Your brand will be open for the public to see for as long as it takes you to reach the end of your game! It also breaks the ice if you are playing with golfers that you do not really know personally. A lengthy discussion about your business can start after an initial comment about your promotional golf balls.

So if you appreciate golf, and can see yourself on the course head held high- proud of your brand, this is the perfect business venture for you. Golf business gifts are the way forward for the golf obsessed businessman!