In the past decade, reputation management has changed drastically. From a time when PR professionals used to converse directly with the media to build a brand’s reputation, now influencers are used for the same. There are a number of potentials with an existing large audience and an established reputation. Reputation management companies now advocate the use of influencers to gain access to their target audience.

Influencers are the individuals who have the power to affect the purchase decisions of others who believe in their authority, knowledge or power. Influencers can be bloggers, Twitter users, digital journalists and even YouTubers. The reason why these influencers are sought after by brands is because their audience consciously takes the time to listen to their opinions. Influencers are believed to be more relatable as compared to a brand or a company.

A few reasons why reputation management services promote influencer marketing are:


One of the most effective ways in which one can promote their brand is by word of mouth. Most kinds of advertising make the customers wary since it is paid. The ads be it on radio, television, newspaper or even online tend of interrupt the customers but in the case of influencers, the customer consciously tunes in to listen to them.


Currently, social media is a major form of advertising and is used by most brands. Almost every brand is now making the effort to be more accessible online. Most influencers are actively online be it via blogs, videos or images. Social media is the next form of advertising which is here to stay. All reputation management companies believe that social media is here to stay and should be used by brands.

Native Advertising

Traditional advertising tends to interrupt a customer’s experience while in the case of native advertising, places both products, services and brands along with organic content creating an enjoyable experience while ensuring that the brand remains in the customer’s mind.

Targetable And Trackable

The best thing about using social media as a platform for advertising is the fact that as compared to traditional advertising is easily targetable. There are a number of sites which allow the reputation management services to track their ads and see how effective they are. The ads in social media can also be specifically targeted at specific customers who make their ads more effective.

Influencers play a major role in helping a brand pave their road to success. Unlike traditional advertising, they provide a more effective opportunity to get through to one’s customers.