As a corporate relations consultancy, we are one of the main custodians of a client or firm’s reputation. Corporate relations is the relationship that the firm shares with it stakeholders. This includes their clients, employees, investors and trustees. As a consultancy firm, it is our job to ensure that this relationship is enhanced to create maximum levels of trust in the firm by all its stakeholders.

In order to do this, corporate governance consultants should wield some amount of influence. Only when we have a stellar reputation ourselves can we being to manage that of a firm or entity. Influence helps in getting the right message across to the correct audience. It enables you to make sure that the message you want to relay about your client gets into the right newspapers. It ensures that your story is covered by the correct magazines, so as to reach the eyes of those you wish to influence to have a better perception of your client. It also helps you during the crucial time of crises to ensure that a harmful message is not given too much public attention, until you release a statement of your own.

Influence is not limited to just the press and media of course. According to a study by the Association of National Advertisers found that the value delivered by a corporate governance advisory to a firm is seeing a steady increase. It also says that since corporate governance management is concerned with the ‘full corporate picture’ and not just the communications aspect, it becomes “a key driver of business outcomes critical to organisational success, including crisis mitigations, reputation and brand building, consumer engagement, sales generations, issues management and beneficial shifts in constituent attitudes and behaviours.”

But to deliver this kind of value, the consultancy firm needs to be able to wield enough influence with the client as well. So while we may create an excellent corporate governance strategy, it will have no effect until its recommendations are put into practice by the client. An action plan remains nothing but a plan unless it is actually put into action. It is nothing but an exercise in futility.

As you can see, the influence a corporate relations consultancy firm holds is a matter of great importance. If you’re looking to join a firm, it is one of the factors you should consider. The firm’s influence will help you build your own and further your career as a public relations professional. It will help you learn the ‘tricks of the trade’ so to speak, and develop a good network of contacts that you can turn to if your client encounters a crisis. Influence can make the world go around and is vital for effective corporate consultancy.