Many loyal change companies in the Annual Surveys for the Oil Change Industry show that the average ticket price for the customer coming in for a regular oil change of approximately $29.95 on average are charged $150. However, if you consider this from the customer’s perspective it seems to be rather unfortunate. A customer comes in for a $30 oil change and leaves after paying $150, but why?

Many chains in the oil change industry sub-sector actually brag about their ability to upsell. They train their technicians and service writers how to sell more to each customer who comes in. From their perspective they believe that the more they charge per customer the more money they will make on fewer customers and less work. This makes sense but is rather shallow. Because then customers will come less often and fail to maintain their cars and this hurts future sales.

One of the largest oil change chains was said to have an average ticket price of $183 and other industry market participants try to copy them and their techniques. But then along came Wal-Mart changing oil for $12.95 and they took most of the market share. When selling add-on oil change services the technician and service writer should be sure to only sell those lubrication and services that are necessary to maintain the safety and integrity of the systems of that particular automobile.

Honesty and integrity and up selling in the oil change sector has not been observed properly and therefore this needs to be considered when up selling oil changes is it your oil change facility. Consider this a 2006.