Many people who start a mobile car wash company reach a point in which they decide to sell their company. Generally this happens after the first 18 months or two-year period. Why do people sell the their mobile car wash business? It is simple really because when you’re in the mobile car wash business you meet all types of people from all types of businesses and if you are an outgoing hard-working individual they might try to hire you. Therefore you get lots of job offers that will actually pay as well or better than how much you can make in a mobile car wash business and you don’t have to work as hard.

Often when you are running a mobile car wash business customers or bystanders will see you working and see you collecting cash from people in the parking lot whose car to wash. With all that cash in your hand you look quite rich and you probably do make more money than they do. When people see all this money and consider you get to work outside all day instead of behind a desk they think to themselves that it would be a good business for me. This is why many people get offers to buy their mobile car wash business.

But if you decide to sell your mobile car wash business how can you make sure you get the most amount of money possible? Well, he should keep good records of how much money you make it eats stop at each day and put them into a two column Journal. There will be no way to verify how much money you make however, you can take the prospect of buyer with you on your route and they can see you collecting the money. This will be proof positive that your journal entries are correct and that the amount of cash flow the business generates is honest. Please consider this in 2006.