Did you know that it is very possible to start a business for under $5,000 even if you’re not working from home? It is. And if you have a knack for dancing, you can be a dance instructor.

This means that you can start your own dance studio and start teaching the kids within your community how to dance. It doesn’t matter if it is hip hop, ballet, lyrical, or some other form such as crumping.

All you have to do is secure a building. Now try to go for a place that has wood floors instead of concrete. You also want to make sure they will let you put bars on the wall to help the dancers with their balance, especially in ballet. You may even need to place bars in the middle of the floor.

You will also need to hang mirrors on the wall so that you can see the students behind you when you are demonstrating and so they can seem themselves to make sure they are doing their moves correctly.

You will also need to market your business to bring in students and that can cost a little bit of money as well. This is because you need an Internet presence, ads in the newspaper, fliers, and so much more.

Nevertheless, your love of dance can lead you into a successful business and you can do it for less than $5,000. You’ll be happy because you’re contributing to the well-being of today’s youth and they will be happy because you are teaching them something they really want to do. Everyone wins in this situation.