There are many traits/habits required to be a successful sales person. Determination. Creativity. Negotiation. Superior customer service. Risk taking. Integrity.

You know the one trait that isn’t required?

Being a chicken!

This is one of my 7 year old niece’s favorite phrases – she likes to challenge people by saying “Don’t be a chicken!”

I have no idea where this phrase comes from- do you? It always makes me laugh though!

One thing I do know – no one likes to feel chicken, look like a chicken or be called a chicken.

So what in my twisted Diva mind constitutes being a chicken?

– Avoiding conflict.

– Going with the flow even when you know the flow is headed over a waterfall.

– Waiting for perfection to happen.

– Never taking a risk.

– Having a wishbone instead of a backbone.

– Excuses are your middle name.

– Scared of making a mistake.

Hey look – we have all been chickens at one time or another. But EESH – it just doesn’t feel good.

We are headed into one of the biggest sales periods for most businesses. These businesses will make over 50% of their annual revenue in the next few months.

How are you positioned to take advantage of all the opportunity?

Have you created a pilot project? Raised your rates? Treated your clients with amazing customer service? Tried something new? Taken a chance?

Remember this line from your Diva:

Chickens Don’t Take Chances.

But Divas Do!

So ask yourself:

What have I been avoiding/regretting/denying?

What small positive step can I take to move me forward?

A great book that I read in 1994 and still love today is ” Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers. Hit the library – go to a second-hand bookstore or your local bookstore and get it TODAY.

It is time for you to SHED the chicken skin and move in the directions of your dreams!

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